P/L Autotrade results

I am somewhat puzzled by my Autotrade results (currently only trading conservprofit).
What puzzles me is that for some trades (instruments?) it provides P/L, but for others not. As a result, of course, the list is misleading at best. Is there a possibility correcting this?
If the summary got out of sync with the account, is there a possibility for me to reset it, so the results follow autotrading faithfully again?


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Not sure, whether this just went unnoticed, but I would really like to get the benefit of the P/L list.
However, it still does not show in certain trades. It seems at least all Forex trades involving EUR are a problem. Could it be, because my account is a EUR account?
But also other types of trade, do not show like in the example below. As one can see, there is no PL-summary, despite the fact that all trades are closed…

There was a temporary problem with quotes today. It should be back to normal now.