P/L Report never accurate, does more harm than good

Respectfully, if this feature can not produce accurate results, it should be discontinued.
New subs rely on it & it is VERY inaccurate.
It could unfairly cause subs to unsubscribe from strategies that are actually doing well, but appear not to be. If they are subscribing to only 1 strategy, it is easy to double-check… If they have multiple strategies, it is difficult to keep track of, so they rely on this report.

Norman - Amen, you’re preaching to the choir. We’re in the final stages of work on an entirely new P/L reporting mechanism, which we hope to release for public beta test shortly. You’ll see an announcement here on the forums when it’s available.


AWESOME! Thank you Matthew!!

Amen as well; this will DEFINITELY be an improvement when resolved. I’ve communicated with my subs personally about this in the past and how to accurately interpret it in the time being, but for sure needs to get fixed as soon as possible.

Relatively new here… would you share your explanation?

hopefully a PL chart on the entire account and each system too. BTW I emailed you about being an investor in c2 never heard back from anyone