Exit Trade not executed on C2

Here is my trade on TradeStation and now i just realized its still open on C2…

System 100848973

Signal ID 109495808

Can you tell me why it did this?




Two quick things:

  1. This is definitely the type of question that is better to ask about via an individual help ticket so that we can gather info and correspond personally. Please send to help@collective2.com

  2. Your C2 Model Account is the “account of record.” So if you see something on your C2 Model that shouldn’t be there, don’t wait for help desk resolution to fix it. Go to the C2 QuickTrade screen ASAP and enter whatever trade needs to be made to get your C2 Model back into sync with what your TradeStation has.

Ok i closed it on C2 at a loss. Original trade was profitable. That’s too bad. I usually don’t check C2 after every single trade but i guess this is something i should do quite often.


I did 2 more trades via the Matrix and now noticed that Limit orders are not being sent/accepted by C2.

I did a 2nd trade on TF (buy limit entry and sell limit target) and the trade never appeared on C2.

Also, my ES trade i just did the entry was a market order which was sent to C2, but my target was a limit and never sent to C2. I had to close it manually.

Can you please check to see what is going on?



Let me forward your case over to the help desk (help@collective2.com) so that someone can look at it.