Partial/missed fills in C2 prevents new orders

I have recently had 3 missed Fills ( using CGBZ0 ) in the C2 Trade blotter. In all cases a Limit order was initially entered via the C2 web interface. The orders were then successfully filled via autotrade in IB (autotrade via Tradebullet - whose logs do show the fills with IB). These fills were not in fast moving markets. I initially waited for C2 to perhaps catch the fill after a few mins, or for Tradebullet logs to perhaps confirm back the fill back to C2. No go. In one case I submitted a trouble ticket. (There was no administered correction after 2 days.)

The problem is this: because C2 does not see the original fill - it will not allow me to create a BTC/STC order to close the position via autotrade. Basically I am forced to stop trading or trade outside my C2 system.

If unrecognized fills in C2 is a frequent occurrence I will be unable to use C2/ Autotrade. Nor will I be able to support a vendor system on the site. Looking for remedy or workaround - thanks. Mike Holder

Hi, Michael:

I apologize for this problem. I have investigated and discovered that the cause of it was a new bug we introduced into the last patch of our Gen1 AutoTrade Server software. The patch was meant to reject "unrealistic" fill reports from Gen1 software clients; instead, it had the effect of rejecting all fill reports from Gen1 clients.

This has been fixed.

I am quite sure this will be an uncommon occurrence. I apologize for not getting this resolved right away.


Thanks Matthew. 2 things:

1) My Autotrade version is Gen1 according to your site as I use broker IB via TradeBullet. So not sure from your comments whether a Gen 3 server bug affects a Gen 1 Autotrade.(?) Can you comment on that?

2) Suggest at this point C2 staff ignore any trouble tickets from system in question ( 53071180) as I have already been forced to create offsetting entries against unfilled trades in C2 - and undoing one part via a trouble ticket at this point would be way too complicated.

Thanks Mike Holder.

quick note/apology Matthew. you did say Gen 1 - which is in fact what I use. I got the Gen numbers mixed up - sorry and thanks very much.