Patience Is Required

Someone who started copying my trades in early September 2020 and left in late September 2020 would no doubt have lost money. Someone that started in July 2019 and held only to January 2020, would be quite annoyed. However, if anyone started following my strategy at any point since inception and continued until today, they would have beaten the market in total returns. There will be periods of underperformance, and patience will always be required.

I enjoy days like today when literally anyone that has remained consistent is in the green - even if they only started yesterday.

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September 2020 Drawdown

2019 Underperformance Period.

Since Inception

I think investors need to be willing to subscribe to a few different strategies that don’t seem to be correlated. This would probably bring consistent growth and they don’t have to bail out so quickly on one that is currently losing. Every strategy is going to have a drawdown. My 2 cents.


Congrats on the long term consistent performance, which is hard to do. Every strategy will likely have drawdowns (except if martingaling with a high win rate, which is just deferring the inevitable drawdown/crash). On the flip side of what you mention (people leaving during drawdowns), do you notice people coming in at high’s (like around Sept 1st 2020), right before a crash? On days where lots of people subscribe, almost seems like it can be used as in indicator of a pending correction! (btw kidding about using this as indicator, just want to say in case)

Thank you very much. You have been doing fantastic yourself. I have finally started setting up a separate account so I can start auto trading some other strategies like yours and diversify a bit. Keep up the good work.

Like you it seems like loads of people jump in at highs and out at drops. It almost could be an indicator. I really try to emphasize to people that they shouldn’t do that. Like what @NextLevelTrader said, if people could subscribe to a few strategies or slowly dollar cost average into strategies, I think they would be more consistent.