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Question for everyone:

How important is TOS (trades own system) to you?

I’m looking into adding the TOS badge. The issue I had was this. In addition to here, I manage through an Interactive Brokers account. The IB account letter starts with F and all the sub accounts start with U. I send the trades through the F account which can’t seem to connect here.

I also have accounts with AMP and other brokerages. This platform connects with AMP. I may be able to connect an AMP account and send signals that way which will earn this badge.

Please let me know if you find this badge useful or helpful. Based on responses I would look to submit the application for TOS.

With TOS, there are two ways to achieve this. I can follow and auto trade my own strategy or I can use broker transmit. From what I understand, broker transmit may be a quicker way after the application is submitted. I looked at some TOS strategies where it took 4 months to achieve from application date to TOS badge. That may be due to the requirement to follow at minimum 90% of trades. With broker transmit it may be quicker. From what I’m being told from C2, after the application is submitted and the account is set up, it may be around 10 trades.

Please let me know your thoughts on how important this is to you.

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I think having the badge is a definite plus.

I think not having the badge is not necessarily a minus - it’s just an unknown.

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If any of the U accounts at IB belong to you, that account can be used as the BrokerTransmit or the AutoTrade.

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Yes it is a HUGE plus. I know we have had a lot of leaders say they are trading with real money but for many reasons they don’t seam to work with C2 per them only to see the strategy go bust or like 50% drawdown so you have to wonder if there was any truth in there original statements. While that maybe the truth for you but for most i think not… By being TOS you have skin in the game like your fellow subscribers. I think it will provide many more new subscribers for you. Just my thoughts.

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If you are adding or withdrawing from the account frequently BrokerTransmit makes it hard to not either go over the C2 strategy or have unused cash. AutoTrade gives you much more flexibility in my opinion but obviously it is annoying that you have to pay for it.

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Hello @JohnSnow2019

Thanks! Can you please clarify with the adding and withdrawing of funds the impact? It seems that you connect through broker transmit and I would take the same trades in my account as long as my account had enough margin to take that trade. Sorry not familiar with how the funds in the account will have an impact on this. For example if I deposit X dollars and later withdraw Y dollars but I still have enough funds shouldn’t that be fine? Sorry just new to this TOS thing. For example If I deposit $50,000 and take out $15,000 leaving me with $35,000, that would be enough to put on 3 ES contracts. I don’t mind the unused cash but would like to hear how taking withdrawals would impact TOS.


In your example of “deposit X and withdraw Y” you will be just fine with transmit as long as the $35,000 in the account is enough to buy the 3 ES contracts at IB. AutoTrade just gives you flexibility to follow the strategy at C2 with less or more than the strategy at C2. So you could easily have your IB account buy 1 ES contract or 10 ES contract. Your badge will reflect that scaling factor you chose. So, if overtime you add more money to the IB account and want to buy 6 ES contracts when the strategy buys 3 you can set your scaling factor to 200% and your TOS badge will show the 200%. If you want to buy one when the C2 strategy buys 3 then the badge will show a scaling percent of 33%. With brokertransmit you can only ever scale at 100% - not more or less. I hope that helps.

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OK perfect thanks @JohnSnow2019 for that info!

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I am just speaking for myself here and don’t want to influence the opinion of the majority but I would say your system is probably the only one where I don’t care if it is TOS or not since you have well defined risk and stops in place and announce your trades in advance. So I would say do what is easiest for you and does not distract you from trading. Keep up the good work and I hope you will stay with C2 a long time.

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Thanks for all the responses. I have decided I will add TOS to Payoff Matrix. I’ve added TOS to another strategy to make sure logistically everything works as should. I’m doing TOS with broker transmit and don’t want any unexpected surprises. Once I feel comfortable that it works like it should, I’ll submit the application for Payoff Matrix.

This other strategy has zero trades right now. You won’t see the TOS badge until I take a few trades (5 or 10) but the TOS application is approved on this other strategy.

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