What is the most efficient/cost effective way to earn TOS badge?

I’m currently looking to get my TOS badge.


Sadly this link isn’t working currently but regardless.

I already publish trades to C2 using the Platform Transmit function from my live account. Sadly this does not seem to qualify me for TOS for whatever reason. My only assumption is that this feature may not be able to identify between demo and real accounts. Currently having to subscribe to the $40 basic plan to use such feature.

I notice there is a broker transmit feature that would enable the TOS badge but is $100 per month. Obviously another $720 per year is a lot just to gain an extra 10% from sub fees but it would obviously inspire more confidence in investors.

Does anyone currently go this route or have any advice?

I see there is an auto trading way which would require me setting up an account at one of the supported brokers, which I’m not necessarily all too thrilled with most brokers personally offered for forex but that is an entire other conversation. Would I have to then pay the fee to join as an investor

While writing this I also just researched and realized investors are also paying a monthly fee aside from the subscription fee set by traders. The cheapest plan would be $50 monthly. I’m curious of trade leaders who want to open an account to auto trade their own strategy would have to pay the investor fee and/or the subscription fee to their own strategy.

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After some more research it appears I would have to pay the investor monthly fee which would be $50 for the cheapest but wouldn’t have to pay my own strategy sub fee.

At this point it seems it makes sense, at least for me, to just eventually upgrade to the $100 premium package since I am already managing my system by directly copying/transmitting trades from a live money account.

For those who do not place trades in this method might possibly be better served with the other option of opening an investor account.

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If you do brokertransmit there is no additional cost to earn TOS. The downside is that if you want to deposit or withdraw money from the account it can make things difficult for subscribers.