TOS for IB using broker transmit

Hi dear C2 members. Please share your opinion how to get TOS badge if i don’t see that IB available to get broker transmit. Thank you in advance.

To get this badge, you need to pay. It is not free. You need to draw up a plan for auto-trading solo 1 strategy = 390 subscription per year and copy your transactions on a separate real trading account, trade here or broker transmit then you will get a TOS icon. If you connect only to broker transmit you will not get anything. Verified by me in practice. Before doing this, consider whether it is profitable for you. Without CBT you will receive 50%, and with CBT you will receive 60%. Next is simple math.

I am writing through Google translator.

Thank you. I going to get TOS for at least 3 strategies. May i choose monthly plan in inception just for 1 strategy?

Oh sure. There are many options.

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My strategies have used Broker Transmit from IB accounts since inception. This has given my strategies 100% TOS status. Here is a link to an example. This particular strategy has 490 trades executed and I have found the connection to be very stable.


Hello QuantAutoTrader,

You have great results. It’s sad that few here are interested. The crowd needs large and very large percentages of more than 100-200% per year. And 10-15-20% per year is of little interest to anyone here. It is sad.

I wish you success.


Is broker transmit still supported for Interactive Brokers? There’s a whole list, but I don’t see IB as an option. It used to be there though(?)

I don’t see that too and my question was about that issue as well. As i was able to understand IB support TOS by auto trade option. Not sure about that. But i going to apply this option to get TOS. Will do it on the next week.

The autotrade feature for IB is still available, so you can apply for a TOS trading with IB (or investors can use it to follow a strategy) Broker transmit is more or less the reverse of autotrade, but from what I can see is no longer possible with IB(?)

I have been using BrokerTransmit from IB to my MultiVol Plus strategy here at C2 for nearly two years now, with flawless performance.

Interactive Brokers is certainly an available option for BrokerTransmit. If you are in an EU country, you may see it listed as “C2 Gateway” which is our EU introducing arm for Interactive Brokers. If you need help finding this option or setting up BrokerTransmit, please dash a quick note to the help desk, and we will try to help quickly.

Hi Matthew. Thanks for information. I got your point and will use C2GATEWAY as option to receive TOS for IB broker’s account. I going to get it on next Monday. All my 4 systems going to be applied for TOS and in case of help requirements i will refer to help desk.

Matthew, by the what about clients from Russia. In your respond you have mentioned EU countries. C2G cover the Russian as IB introduced broker? I signed client agreement with IB and there no mention about C2G. May i use simple autotrade option to get TOS isn’t it?

Ok that explains it, thanks Matthew! If I’m ready to apply Broker Transmit, I will select C2 Gateway then.