Pb with e-micro jpyusd (mjy) on cme globex doesn't recognized by C2

Hi, i trade on the mjyz6 cme globex ( emicro jpyusd) in my real account and i am TOS certified but C2 doesn’t recognize the trades on my C2 system.

thank’s for your help.

Hi, what is the strategy name?




When i look at the symbol list i see a contract name:

@M6J E-MICRO USD/JPY on the CME that does not exist, I think C2 made a mistake:

the contract is e-micro jpy/usd and not e-micro usd/jpy and the margin is in usd not in jpy,

i think the pb comes from there.

Thank’s to solve this pb.

did u c performance of your system and fees …How i can be profitable with it? Am I missing something?

I think you have missing a lot of things funny guy!

Only I don’t know where to laugh…You are in denial - good luck to u.

It does not matter, you already know a lot of things thanks to you.

Can someone in C2 staff help me to resolve this issue:

when i trade on mjyz6 in my broker account, C2 doesn’t transmit the trades to my C2 system

although i am TOS certified.

thank’s for your help.

Send a note to help at collective2.com.
It will be faster.


You are right that product has been de-listed in August. We will make the rquired changes and let you know.

Emicro yen still not recognized at C2 …