Signals not going through?

So seems like my trade signals not going through. And went to position sizing and saw this

Please tell me what’s going on here

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C2 doesn’t always properly adjust their “tradables” database to match with the front-month [highest volume] contract.

If you want this fixed ASAP, I would suggest you call the C2 red line, +1 914-610-3979.

I called, “our office hours open m-f…” hang up!

for god sake…i sent them an email.

Do they know there are traders that trade round the clock here? Is C2 tailored to the boomer stock traders where they only trade US market hours?


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I have had this Sunday night issue a time or two over the years. As I recall, previously the issue didn’t get fixed until Monday am Eastern time. I feel the trade leaders here should have a real “red line” for issues that pop up outside of the standard U.S. equities cash session time. I’ll send you a forum message with a bit more info.


I checked my account as a leader and i can trade both contracts march and June , but because you have many subscribers you will have to trade the March contract this week . You are a scalper anyway so it shouldn’t matter .

What I’m trying to figure out is why C2 would make him trade in the contract month that is only trading at 50% of the volume of the new front-month (most volume) contract.

Trading in MES so far this evening [straight from the CME Group exchange website] :

June has traded more than twice as many contracts as March for this session.

if they responded that i have too many subs, i seriously just wanna throw in the towel

This have been discussed here before its a CME thing , long story short there have to be some limitations on size .

Anyway dont despair the new contract will gradually catch with the current limitations of the March contract and you will be able to trade it as usual . Its just a rollover hassle .

At the exact moment the current limitations are :

Mesh 428 lots .

Mesm 8 lots .

That’s if you have one subscriber trading at 100% scale .

I just tried different contracts and its clear they have an issue here as signals aren’t going through .

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Thanks for this extra information. These restriction amounts seem strange to me since at least 2/3 of the total MES volume is now in the June contract month.

I am not sure from whence these contract restrictions or calculations come from (C2, CME, etc.) but even in Friday’s trading the June contract had more volume than the March contract (so the ratio of March versus June contracts allowed by C2 doesn’t seem to match the actual market liquidity at the moment).

In any case, there must be more to this story or some other problem as you noted in your subsequent post. I’ll guess we’ll have to wait for @MatthewKlein to determine the issue and report back to us.

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We have two different issues here but the limitations regarding the new contract still stand .

I am TOS certified using Broker Transmit, closed 3 crude oil trades already in my AMP Global account since 6PM EST on Sunday. But nothing showed up on my trade page, no email notification. This could be an outage. Hope they fix it before the stock market opens.

Same issue for me: Broker Transmit is not working. Very disappointing and dangerous situation…

Hi, everyone -

Thanks for letting me know about this. This problem has been fixed.

Glad it’s fixed. But something like this is dangerous like others have said. We all understand issues happen. So i don’t know how subs feel about this.

Here are the trades missed from my strategy during the downtime.


I am not sure if all is fixed.

I got the below from my logs whiles orders were submitted via api for Oil Futures (

Issuing Short
“ok” : “0”,
“signal” : {
“symbol” : null
“errorCode” : “alreadyWorkingSpecialOrder”,
“errorNumber” : 405,
“error” : {
“title” : "Unable to submit opening order for symbol due to working special order signalid ",
“message” : “You have a special autotrader-do-not-follow order already working and cannot submit another opening order for the same symbol while special order is working”
“elapsed_time” : “0.0177”

Answering to BrokeAssCapital question as a subscriber: I feel terribly dissappointed and quite scared. Perhaps I am wrong, but as I see it, an issue like this could easily wipe an account and cause a huge loss. I wrote to C2 support earlier today and I am still waiting an explanation and a compensation for the money I should have got with today’s trades. If their answer is not satisfactory, I will leave C2.

Well then, I have been trying to figure out what happened with my bot… guess it’s C2. around 5k profit missed.

I apologize for this problem. It has been fixed. While this may be only a small comfort, I want to stress the problem only prevented new positions from being taken. It did not prevent any closing orders, stop orders, or profits being taken.

Again, I am sorry for this. Everyone here at C2, including me, tries to prevent problems. I do make mistakes, and this was indeed one of mine. But the problem was fixed at 7:18 am ET. (@evaRossman - the error you see in your logs was at 5:40AM, before the issue was fixed.)