Pinnacle Trading

This looks bad when a system underproforming the S&P shows up first under “Best systems”. Whats going on?

I looked at the P+L on Pinnacle and I am sure it doesnt add up to $1 million as someone suggested.

Also, the charts of performance have not been updated in a long while. My system (Global MAcro) i sup 30% I think yet its still showing +10%.

Pinnacle Trading has the combined net loss of $94,226 on all trades. If you subtract that from the profitable trades that gives a meager $40,000 or so, and that’s what the graph shows, it is at 40k. Therefore, the graph is right but the rating of this system is way off. Also Sharpe Ratio is negative -1.346, if the system is profitable it would have to be positive ratio, it seems to me.


Are you looking at these issues ?

Gosh, a guy takes a day off from running a Web site, and all hell breaks loose. (Actually, I was consumed by another project and didn’t get a chance to check in to Collective2 the last day or so. Sorry for the radio silence.)

Pinnacle Trading had a problem trade - the famous - or shall I say infamous - “Option Expiration Bug” which caused its numbers to go kablooey. I removed the incorrect trade. The results and system ranking should refresh themselves automatically over the next 24 hours or so.

Thanks for the heads up. -MK