Please add these futures


please can you add these new futures -

the new SGX metals futures Aluminium, Copper and Zinc - the IB tickers are AH, CU and ZINC (or ZS) respectively. I attach links below of the products.

LME-SGX Aluminum (IND) None 20110211 FUT AH AH SGX

LME-SGX Copper (IND) None 20110211 FUT CU CU SGX

LME-SGX Zinc (IND) None 20110211 FUT ZS ZINC SGX

and also…

ICE UK Natural Gas IPE.

IB ticker = NGF



I see you added UK Natural Gas- many thanks.

Any progress on adding Aluminium, Copper and Zinc?

I know you already have COMEX copper listed but it will give access to Asia timezone plus Aluminium and Zinc which should be popular as I can’t see listed elsewhere?