Please C2, give me some support

I have tried to get a simple tiny answer from C2 by mail and through this forum about C2DS-interface, with no response.

Question 1:

Do C2 has to activate C2DS-interface to my account, for it to work or is it always on?

Question 2:

Lets pretend that C2s C2DS-interface is connected to my account and then the 1st step is to get a session ID…

But when I try to get a session ID I get this error-message everytime:

“Well, ain’t this the damnedest thing.

There has been an unexpected software error. Please report this error, and whatever you were trying to do, to this email address:

We’ll try to solve the problem as soon as possible”.

I followed the manual exactly:

xml.mpl?cmd=getsessionid&userlogin=“My E-mail”&pw=“Password for C2 Data Services Access”&clientid="A Softwarename"

I have not registered any “software name” (if you not meant the trading system name) on C2, I just tried whith my system name and other names that I just made up

What could be the problem???


I just tried, and now I got a session ID.

So my conclution is that C2 activated something.


Haha … yes, it’s very rude how they pick and choose. Imagine you’ve paid them a couple hundred dollars and still get no response.

Intra :

I did not yet have a chance to do or change anything, so I must assume (perhaps?) you just used a different or better-formatted URL – or perhaps the initial URL you used had a typo in it? To answer your other question: the software name is an identifier you can choose to identify your software to the C2DS API. No need to get it approved by us, or anything like that. Just keep it a reasonable length, all ascii.

Micah: Whoa there, cowboy. We try to answer software developer questions as quickly as we can. There’s also a lot of documentation, along with examples, on the site, too. I apologize I didn’t answer this immediately.


I use the same html…

The only thing that was diffrent (when I got the session ID) was the software name (first time).

Because I´ve tried it so many times I used a name that probably

would upset C2 staff :slight_smile:

Anyway I change software name back to the original name and it still works fine…

can some one give little more information about the system? it seems pretty good looking at the results [LINKSYSTEM_50791454]

could you please tell how much fund do we need for autotrading? could you please advise about the setting?[LINKSYSTEM_55025577]


C2 will not give advice on specific systems. Best to start with the developer and then perhaps start a thread on the system if one doesn’t already exist…

Take a good look at ALL the stats on any system, not just the growth in equity.