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(Please Don't Comment!) Log of Lessons Learned From Closed Strategies

I was talking about your previous C2 strategies, now invisible (and unlisted), for some reason.
But sure, we will keep an eye on your current C2 system.

You must be talking about my 14 day free trial with collective2 that was never made available to subscribers. Therefore C2 apparently does keep it on the record. I am glad they don’t because I just tested out order entry. I never had it publishing to the public.

I’m thinking he’s not using enough leverage. :rofl:

And how much leverage did you use on this system?

Or this one?

You created 15 strategies but only 2 are visible, the rest is conveniently archived and “private”.


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I can’t see these charts. Perhaps if you use the code instructions then take a screenshot and just paste the screenshot. I forgot to mention that is the last step in showing readable charts for a private strategy.

3x - 6x depending if the strategy held ES and CL at the same time. Nowhere near the 40x the strategies featured on this post use. As you can tell by the small draw downs these were not failed strategies but failed to meet the CStar requirements they were enrolled in.

How come?
Use a different browser perhaps.

Right, that’s probably why you decided to hide them from public view.

“First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.”
Matthew 7:5

Neither Chrome or Edge work for me to see your charts you posted.

By the way, did you just change the price of the subscription (from $200 - if I remember correctly - to zero)?

Yes, I did for now…

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:bomb::boom: Ouch!!!

This should be re-named Below Zero or Sub Zero.

And yet, 50 grand profit in 6 months with virtually zero drawdown from starting capital, not bad eh?

A broken clock is right twice a day.


Martingale that leverage up every draw down…that’s what all the great investment managers do. You cannot argue with 4 months of success.

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