Politeness - criteria?

In the new world of politeness, what are the criteria?

1) No four letter words?

2) No name calling? (idiot, newbie, papertrader, dolt, stupid, mindless, …?)

3) No harsh criticism? (“that is ridiculous” vs. “I am sorry, I do not believe that to be accurate”)

4) No soft criticism? (“I do not agree with you” vs. “pardon me, but is there a possibility that you might be a little misinformed related to that fact”)

5) Use of “please” and "thank you?"

Then on the other hand, what about:

1) No fabricating or misrepresenting your credentials? People can only wave certifcations or ownership of successful companies if PROVEN?

2) No using shills

3) No exaggerating (I have been making lots of money for 15 years, before C2)

4) Lengthy, rambling rants with little nutritional value that others have to


5) No referring to your long illustrious backtests, prior to being tracked on C2?


o Who is making the final decisions on what is polite???

o Is the censorship going to be rare? In football/basketball, the announcers often say "just let them play."

o Don’t we already have ignore for people who don’t want to see other’s posts? Can we add this feature to chat?

o Are people going to start talking like simpletons because they are afraid to speak their mind?

o Are people with lots of subscribers and/or paid systems and /or who subscribe to more systems, given more leeway???

Thoughts? Rants?

I’m sure you’ll be the first to find out. You don’t know what to do with yourself now do you? You reap what you sow.

The fact that you even have to ask what constitutes politeness speaks volumes as to why this rule was introduced. I don’t see anyone else scrambling to have it defined so they know where they stand.