Possible upcoming charges

We (system developer) need to know the possible upcoming charges for every subscribers, in “per profitable trade” system too, because with "ITM-only signal delivery " we cannot see if subscribers following and pay for signals or they subscribe a system only to see open trades (for example in order to Reverse engineering a system).

Do you agree with me?

I do. I have received other, similar feedback. I intend to more-tightly integrate per-trade-charges into the subscriber/revenue reports. This will be done soon. MK

Thank you very much.

I think this is a very important feature and a very useful tool for system developers.

Matthew what does you mean with: “This will be done soon” ?

Do you have a possible data?


Did you schedule a date to add this feature?

There is no date set for this. It is, however, on the list.

Have you forgotten this suggestion ?