Pourais je vraiment gagner de l argent dans cette plateforme

SALUT , svp est ce que je peux vraiment ici gagner de l’argent ? je suis nouveau ici mais je suis trader depuis plus que 5ans ,j ai pu apprendre plusieurs truc sur le trading et j ai développer une stratégie gagnante a 1000% mais je n ai pas un bon capital pour trader c est pour ce la je cherche une alternative , j ai vraiment besoin d avoir un job ou revenue constant pour ma famille , merci de partager votre expérience avec moi pour que je puisse savoir si ca vaux la peine d’investir mon temp ici.

bonne chance pour tout le monde

HELLO, please can I really make money here? I’m new here but I’ve been trading for more than 5 years, I’ve been able to learn many things about trading and I’ve developed a 1000% winning strategy but I don’t have a good capital to trade that’s why I’m looking for an alternative, I really need to have a job or a constant income for my family, thank you for sharing your experience with me so I can know if it’s worth to invest my time here

good luck to everyone

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Oui il est possible de gagner beaucoup d’argent sur Collective2, a condition d’avoir un systeme performant avec un drawdown raisonnable, 35% ou moins par exemple.

Comme le montre le graphique ci dessous, le plus gros Trade Leader de Collective2 a gagné plus de $570 000 en tout : Earn More from Your Trading - Collective2

Bonne chance.

(Same message in English)

Yes it is possible to make a lot of money on Collective2, provided you have a good system with a reasonable drawdown, 35% or less for example.

As the chart below shows, the biggest Collective2 Trade Leader has made over $570,000 in total: Earn More from Your Trading - Collective2

Good luck to you.

Yep, typical story - best traders able to make 1000%s have no money.

There are a few companies that claim they can “fund” you as a trader ($50K to $150K in most cases), if you can pass their “profitability” test and maintain a very low trailing drawdown.

And then, they say, you can keep up to 80% of the profits your system makes

In my opinion, and I could be wrong, they just make money from the “evaluation” fee they charge you upfront, while making sure that you never pass their test (their trading rules are so complicated and strict that even a NASA engineer would have a hard time understanding them, let alone applying them).

And since 95% of traders fail anyway (and in that case they can simply reset their account and pay another $300 to $500 evaluation fee, as many times as they want), we can only imagine the enormous profits that these so-called “funding” companies make…

Folks, remember something, real legitimate proprietary firms will NEVER charge you a penny. If you can show them that your system can make money with limited downside volatility they will gladly hire you on the spot and give you enough buying power to start with, for free.

And the best way to show them that you can do so is by building a solid track record on Collective2 and other similar websites.

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Yeah , i agree with you , i pass all test 4 test with 4 different company, but when i cant start with real money with them, they have a condition ho can make any one failed : they want you close every position every day and next day start over , best entry point come one time in few days or week if i close it befor it touch the stop i will never seccueed , because am 10000% sur that even if my position is acualy negative with … 1% am sure that in few our market will give me right …

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Yes I suspected that much, all these “funding” companies operate the same way, and their real goal is to earn money from these “evaluations” fees, obviously, and not from the profits your system makes.

I see, so basically they want you to daytrade, and if you are a swing or long term trader you will never make it, even if your timing is perfect.

And they still get to keep your “evaluation” money!

Thank you for sharing, and stick with Collective2 for the time being, it is a good place to start if you want to earn a passive income from your trading activities, and build a track record at the same time.

You know all you need to be is 100% sure.

[quote=" OussamaAyari, post:2, topic:15805"]
I really need to have a job or a constant income for my family, thank you for sharing your experience with me so I can know if it’s worth to invest my time here

Same for us investors. With more than 100 new strategies every month on Collective2,
(and most of them failing withing a few months) we also don’t want waste time or money.

Question: Why is your strategy hidden?