Price of futures bonds like T-notes

Wich notation is using C2 for futures of bonds like T-Notes? Because is not matching with any of my brokers or data vendors. What would be the conversion to the default use in brokers?
Maybe as im not north american im missing something here. Thanks!

Maybe you are comparing with decimalised prices provided by cfd brokers .

im comparing with IB for example

Can you give details …


I do not understand your question. What are you asking? Are you asking for the bond-related futures-contract SYMBOLS used on C2? Here is the list:

If this is not what you are asking, please explain with more detail, and I will try to help.

Sorry, my english is not good, and i forget to say that the question was about price.
Im talking about difference of price example:
C2 symbol FV = 5 T-NOTE => Price in C2: 119.1484375
IB symbol ZF => Price in IB: 119’047
I have the live data from vendor in the same price style that IB, and my other broker use the same too.
Wich type of notation are using C2 for the price? and how i can convert from one to other? Because when i try to put an order i get a error of price. Thanks.


When typing orders into C2’s order-entry screen, you can use either decimals or fractions.

Example. You can type any of the following:

BUY 1 @FVZ5 limit 115 6/32
BUY 1 @FVZ5 limit 115 6.5/32
BUY 1 @FVZ5 limit 115.1875




excuse me for my ignorance–do you really mean what you said in your response to anevado’s;
to which i quote–

When typing orders into C2’s order-entry screen, you can use either decimals or fractions…


was hoping that anevado posted a sample trading screen for everyone to study !

happy trading everyone.

There are many ways to enter trading signals into Collective2.

Certainly, you can type them manually.

Or you can just tell us to “listen” to your broker account automatically.

Or you can use TradeStation…

Or MetaTrader…

Or NinjaTrader…

Or MultiCharts…

Or one of our APIs.

You can see all of the possibilities here.

And - by the way - you can start your own strategy, and enter a few trade signals, without any payment required up front. That way you can see the screens that ANevado is talking about.


Thanks Matt, this is what i was asking.
And through the API can i use decimals and fractions too?

No, via API you need to use decimals. Fractions are only useful for us dumb humans who have a hard time dividing integers. Computers should be able to handle it okay.