Trade entry for 10 year T-Note?


I am a bit confused on how to enter a trade on the futures 10 Year T-Note .

1. What is the symbol for the December 2010 contract?

2. For example, I would like to enter a buy stop at 125’15. Do I enter it as 125.50 or 125.15 or what? Please help.


You can find all the futures symbols here:

December Ten Year Note is @TYZ0

That is because:

@TY is root symbol (found on page above)

Z is December

0 is 2010

For futures that are priced in fractions, C2 lets you enter the fraction however you want. So, for example, if you want a stop at 125 15/32, you can enter any of these:

125 15

125 15/32