Problem Sending Trade Signals using C2 API

Hello Collective2 Community,

I have setup my trade software to send you trade signals through Internet Explorer using your API.

Now when I send the signal, Internet Explorer adds the “%20” in the address bar when seaching to connect to your website and the error message comes up "The page cannot be displayed.

Below is the address copied from Internet Explorer:

Notice the “%20” in the address.

I added space between for easy viewing.

http://www.collective2 %20 .com/cgi-perl/signal.mpl?cmd=cancel&signalid=19084933&systemid=&pw=

Now when I remove the “%20” from the address line, the order is sent perfectly.

How do I stop Internet Explorer from adding this “%20” notation.

What other alternatives are there if any.

Thank you for your time,

Really like your website and look forward to joining up soon with some systems.

Kevin W.


I do not use the API, but %20 is the hexadecimal code for space in a URL. Make sure you do not have any spaces between “collective2” and “.com”.

I guess you copied and pasted the url in the API section here? If you look, you will see it has a space between “collective2” and “.com”, which is not correct. Probably something Matthew should fix.

Just remove the space and you should be in business.


- Fanus