Problem with Email Orders

I may be missing something, but there seems to be a discrepancy between the orders I upload to C2 and those that are emailed out. For example, I should have orders for AMAT and BK, but I can’t find them in the emails I received. Also, I have duplicate orders for TXN and TSM. Is there an explanation for this?

Until this is resolved I am going to tell my subscribers to get their orders from the web site instead of the emails.



If anyone is autotrading, I think it will be helpful to contact them…

Don’t worry, the emailing of signals has absolutely zero to do with AutoTraders.

But… there is apparently a problem with signal emails not being sent in some cases in which new signals are being generated at the same time signals are being emailed. We are working on solving this ASAP. In the meantime, checking the web site or using the Instant Trade Messenger (ITM) will eliminate the problem, as will of course AutoTrading.

But we are working on getting this solved right away.

Thank you, Matthew, for attending to this.


There has been a few occasions with some of my equity systems, when I have noticed duplicate or "doubling" positions for some stocks. Occasionally there will be a stock that will have 2 or even 3 times as many shares as specified. Is this related to the same email issue you mentioned in this forum subject Matthew? Please advise.

Thanks very much

No, any doubling you see is surely the result of your order-entry methodology being configured incorrectly. In your case, I know you are using TradeStation to enter orders. If you can point to specific issues you’ve had, I can look at the specific audit trail for a given signal id. Email is best for communicating this information.

Great! Thanks Matthew. I will send some specifics over next time it happens.


How is this coming along? I have an order working for CX that wasn’t included in the emails. FWIW I received two emails and CX would have been at the end of one or the beginning of the other.



We are still working on this. I hope we’ll have some new stuff installed by the end of the week to eliminate these types of email problems.