Problem with the Auto-Trade feature

Hello Matthew and congratulations for your website. The idea of creating an independent, third-party review of trading strategies is simply brilliant. No more phony historical "backtests" or snake-oil vendors that promise to double your trading account every month after showing you hundreds and hundreds of fake trades!

I created a forex system a few weeks ago (see reference below) and I have just received a rather disturbing private message from one of my subscriber, he says he cannot turn the Auto Trade feature on. Could you please look into this issue and get back to me as soon as possible?

Thank you in advance and keep up the good work.

(Here is the specific forex system that is currently causing the issue : )

Please just ask the user to contact us directly with specific information, such as:

- What broker? What account number?

- What does user mean when he says: "cannot turn the Auto Trade feature on?"

It will be easier if me and the other C2 support people (yes, I’m happy to report more than just me, now) can deal directly with customer questions. Have customer send info to either my address or



Thank you for your extremely prompt response, this is what I call first-class customer service! I will immediately contact the subscriber and copy and paste your response. Thanks again for your help and have a good day.