Problem with two orders (trouble ticket)

On 3/13/12 I entered two orders to close two positions with "Park until" order.

These are:

1. EFA which is closed at 54.99 on 3/14/12, instead on 3/13/12 at 55.08 - 55.10

2. EEM which is closed at 44.26 on 3/14/12, instead on 3/13/12 at 44.49 - 49.51

Same thing happened yesterday:

3. SLV which should have been closed at 31.25.

Problem is that I enter todays date in "Park Order Until Specific Time" field, but position is not close that same day.

Also, when I try to close position by clicking on "Close" button, from main system page, and confirm it by clicking "Submit" button - all existing orders that were active are suddenly canceled?

Because I submitted several trouble tickets, when can I expect this closing prices to be corrected?

Dusan -

There are a few different issues here.

First, let’s talk about the failure on 3/13 of C2 to execute your orders that you had “parked until” 15:59 of that day. In fact, there was a problem here that was indeed C2’s fault. We had a brief site outage at exactly the time you scheduled your parked orders (EFA and EEM) to be released. Because you scheduled the order for just a few minutes before the market closed, we missed the window entirely. For this I am sorry. I’ll look at adjusting these fills accordingly.

But, moving to the next issue you mention, I’m not sure I agree with your analysis. I see some curious things in the audit log. During the course of the morning on 3/14 (before the market opened), you entered various orders for SLV, including:

BTO Stop 33.03

STO Stop 31.49

It was in fact the STO that was filled, at 12:09 PM on 3/14, giving you a short position.

Now, you say that this position should have been closed at 15:59, but I do not see anything in the logs that would agree with this. What I do see is that you typed an order to Buy To Close SLV, which you indeed “parked until” 3/14 at 15:59 ET … but, unfortunately, you actually submitted this order at 16:21 of that day, long after the market had closed, and 22 minutes after the time you specified in your park-until field. Either of those two reasons explains why SLV was not closed.

So it looks like one of the issues you describe may be simply a case of data-entry error, while the other one is a real C2 problem which I will investigate and fix.

Regarding your last question, you write:

'when I try to close position by clicking on “Close” button, from main system page, and confirm it by clicking “Submit” button - all existing orders that were active are suddenly canceled?'

In fact, if you close a position for a particular symbol, and go flat in that symbol, then all other orders orders for that symbol which were entered before you went flat will be canceled. We don’t want remnant orders hanging around, opening bogus and unexpected positions, simply because someone didn’t remember to cancel old working orders.


Hi Matthew,

1. The problem with first two orders (EFA and EEM) is now solved.

2. Regarding problem with the third order I mentioned, it may be that it is my mistake. I’ll take a closer look in the future when entering “park until” orders.

3. Problem with canceling pending orders happened for all pending orders, not just for orders in symbol whose position is closed recently.

Anyway, thanks for a quick response. I’ll see if issue no. 3 will happen in the future and let you know.