Problems with the sound for filled orders

Here is a support request I submitted multiple times
starting three months ago and has so far seems to have been ignored:

  1. The initial fill of the day has an alert sound that
    sounds like the sound that is heard when you click on the sound on/off icon to
    the right of the gear icon on the dashboard. The only sound heard on the
    initial fill of the day is that faint blip sound and it does not repeat.

  2. Subsequent fills have the same faint sound that is barely

  3. Alert sounds for standing orders have an alert sound that
    is a clanking repetitive sound that does repeat until acknowledged.

  4. Fill sounds should have a loud repeating sound just like
    the subsequent orders because they are always in effect an order.

There is a video in the help section explaining repetitive
sounds for orders, but it doesn’t work for fills: