Professional liability insurance for developers?

If, as a developer, my system sent a signal to C2 and for any number of reasons that signal did not get to the subscriber and, as a result, the subscriber lost millions (or even a few thousand) who will be sued? If I was that subscriber I would probably sue everyone in sight including the developer, system owner and C2 - no matter how many warnings and cautions were given - and let the jury decide.

Does C2 provide any professional liability insurance for developers?

I would appreciate informed replys only.

Check out the Terms of Service under the Information tab at the top of the page.

Both C2 and the system vendors are pretty well protected against any risk.

C2’s Terms of Service: Plenty of protection for C2 but developers are not mentioned (except to warn them against competitive advertizing).

Whatever Cautions, Warnings or Terms of Service are provided this does not prevent a developer from being sued even if he had no responsibility for any loss. Then he must spend thousands to defend himself. Who knows - he might eventually be successful.

C2 is safe - they don’t generate the signals that caued the loss. They are just a middleman between vendor/developer and customer/subscriber.

Has anyone ever been sued in connection with C2?

The trading business offers NO guarantees.

The developer does not directly send his signal to the subscriber. So I suppose that if the subscriber does not recieve the signal, or it is late, then that’s C2’s responsibility. Developers should keep good records of the signals they send to C2 in case they get listed in a law suit.