Intellectual Property Protection

I am hoping to get thoughts from traders about protecting the IP of the code that you have built. Previously I think that some of my strategies were stolen on another platform (not at C2) and used by other developers, so I am somewhat leery of uploading.

I have trademarked my best strategies, but it would probably cost a fortune to hire a lawyer and pursue the group that I think committed this.

Just hoping for ideas and suggestions from this very experienced group of developers.


Unclear what the problem is here. With C2, all you put out is your signals, your trades, and you do not have to share any of the underlying code or ideas that drive those signals. You keep the code, just submit your signals, your orders to buy, sell, short, cover. You can choose to talk about the market with your subscribers and even why you made the trades you did, or you can keep silent about all of that, share nothing that even hints at the IP that guides your trading.

Given all that, what is your concern with C2?

Thank You for the response. How many different strategies can you set up like that? Let’s say if you do the portfolio plan with unlimited systems can you have multiple signals from the same broker to offer for subscription?

It’s easy to get confused on this… I believe you’re looking at the Investor plans, rather than at the Strategy Manager plans. The Portfolio Plus plan for $299 lets an INVESTOR autotrade an unlimited number strategies on C2 ( Select AutoTrade Plan ). What you want to be (I believe) is a Strategy Manager, publishing your signals… here is the link for that ( Select your Collective2 plan ). For $99/month (or $990/year) you can publish signals for up to 3 different strategies, and you can use Broker Transmit, which is where you make the trades in a brokerage account and the broker transmits those trades to C2 where they are automatically published to your strategy and anyone subscribing will receive the trade signals. There is no unlimited package for Strategy Managers.

Thank You Babbage. You are correct. I was confused on this point. I appreciate the clarification.

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