"Managed Accounts" question

Reading a post in a systems message board here made me wonder a bit. The message mentioned a broker who would manage money based on any system on collective2.

I assume this broker subscribes to the system that the customer is interested in - and then manages their money based on that system. However, now the broker can manage any number of customers money with that one subscription.

Is there any protection against this - or in general any protection from anyone else reselling the signals?

C2 has created software specially designed for brokers who participate in our broker program. This allows them to manage subscriptions, track trades, etc. – all while ensuring that system vendors are paid what they are owed.

These aggressive efforts to protect system vendors’ intellectual property is one more reason for system vendors to sell their trading signals through C2. We make sure you actually get paid.

I must caution all C2 users against using brokers who claim to be able to trade C2 systems, unless they are brokers selected and vetted by C2.

(If you are a broker interested in trading C2 systems on behalf of your clients, or if you are a trader looking for a C2-compatible broker, then please contact me - matthew at collective2.com).

To answer your specific question, Quah: C2 makes an effort to protect the intellectual property of all system owners. If we ever find that someone is stealing intellectual property from the site, we will take whatever means necessary, including legal action, to address it.

In addition, we pay up to $1,000 cash to the first customer who reports a case of stolen intellectual property that we can confirm. In other words, if a broker offers to trade a C2 system for you – and does not require that you subscribe to the system – report this to C2, and (if we verify that the trading signals are being used without the vendor’s permission) we will reward you with cash.

As of today, we have had no reports of anyone stealing C2/system vendor intellectual property. I’d like to think this is because unscrupulous parties know that we will aggressively investigate all cases brought to our attention.