Profit sharing for managers

Hi everyone,
It would be great that there is a profit sharing working sytle for managers on the C2.
What is your opinions? Why there isn’t on the C2?

This was discussed several times already. Main idea - you need to be appropriately licensed to do profit sharing.


Are you ready to share the losses also if it goes bad?

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@ynrao24 Absolutely, yes! Just there was a need to update. Thanks!

  1. How would C2 enforce that programatically?

  2. There would be a whole legal team that would be required. Currently if your strategies lose you would shut them down and start all over. Are you prepared to pay up if an investor with 10million lost millions? Think about that for a second…lol

  3. C2 I don’t think would like to be involved in that kind of legal dispute.

But I do agree that there should be more monetary incentive for successful trade leaders.

Just my 2 cents.

This is not allowed under US regulation, so I will close this thread.

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