Selling other developers system

I have discovered a popular developer who has branded other developers system on his own website and selling it as his own. Is this allowed, where everyone gets a cut or would this be considered unethical. Not going to name names, just wondering what everyone thought about this.

The other websites are just versions of C2. I think the C2 professional plan lets people have their own branded version of the c2 site. So the original system developer probably gets paid just as if people subscribed on the c2 site. And these branded sites can add their own mark up. That’s at least how I think it works…

If that’s the case, might as well as start a hedge fund, I’m up 20%ytd trading multiple systems.
So could a average subscriber of C2, autotrade multiple systems and create their own system of those trades and have others autotrade it?

Going to start a system, called, " The mother of all funds"
Only 5% management fees, who wants to sign up!

Are u being sarcastic in here? There will be another issue, what is the minimum requirements?

I’m just kidding, but I am up 20% ytd, trading dozens of system, still need to micro manage these systems, cut out all the losing systems after certain time frame or after so many losing trades and scale them accordingly.