Profiting using REAL MONEY with C2/TB

I read a lot of questions, concerns and complaints on this site but see very little “cheers of praise” from successful players.

How about if we start sharing our REAL wins and with which systems…

ie: …subscribed to ABC Stocks for 3 months and have shown a 25% gain. Using TB, etc…

I’d love to start things off but have not dared to put real money on anything yet. So far, practicing a few weeks has left me needing more practice and information. My real big concerns are the REAL “realism-factor”. I’ve read a few topics of where the systems looked great but in reality were too fast to be practical or perhapes showed a 200% gain on C2 but in reality broke even or lost.

I would agree that we need MORE people sharing MORE of their real-life experiences using C2, but I would not think that necessarily will translate to praise or reports of gains. It might, it might not. I have noticed that many of the serious posters here including myself, Pete, Randy, and a half dozen others would be just tickled pink to be able to report success stories, and we have all certainly had some winning trades and even had varying degrees of success with specific systems, and yet if you read the other threads I think you will find the real-time results mixed at best - as you yourself noted, it is difficult enough to find systems on C2 that match criteria that fit your own trading style and performance requirements - but to then have those systems perform as reported on C2 is another animal entirely, one that I have yet to see tamed, by ANYONE here. Matthew has also noted that C2 and TB are perhaps best utilized at this point on longer term (meaning not day-trading) systems that use market orders and use the most liquid instruments - that would alleviate many of the reported issues.

In any event, I agree we need more subscribers to REPORT results, good, bad, and indifferent - we all can learn from each other!


Amen again! Some time ago I badgered MK to create a separate topic in these forums called Subscriber’s Corner where we could discuss actual trading results amongst ourselves, and he kindly did this. But there was, and continues to be, very little interest in this sort of dialog on C2 and I’ve never understood why. Maybe as more people participate there will be more interest in comparing real world results, but the handful of us who have made periodic postings with detailed numbers, etc. have failed to elicit much response to date.

I’ve had mostly bad luck so far (well, horribly bad luck) but believe the premise behind C2 is sound and that some good trading systems may be lurking about out there that could work in the real world. More comments and discussion from subscribers actually trading the various systems would sure help separate the wheat from the chaff.

P.S. I just scrolled down the list of Forum topics and the last post to the Subscriber’s Corner section was 77 days ago,


I think the structure of the whole forum system in its entirety might pose some difficulty - for example, I didnt even KNOW there was a “subscribers corner” (or I would have posted to it!)…I wish C2 had a “standard” forum/BB system like the one offered at or something similar. This one is horrible.

I continue to believe in C2/TB as a fabulous concept, and MK seems to be a very bright and hard-working guy (hats off to him and Francis at TB as well), but there are certainly implementation “kinks” to iron out - the forums system being one of them.


"I continue to believe in C2/TB as a fabulous concept, and MK seems to be a very bright and hard-working guy (hats off to him and Francis at TB as well)"

I agree 100% … I just hope neither of them get hit by a bus as both C2 and TB seem to be pretty much one man shows. Heroic efforts on both sides to be sure.

I’ve set up and managed several Discus boards ( before and these are also pretty good and well organized, and can be tweaked for a wide range of looks. All PERL scripts and lots of built in admin functions in the Pro version.

I agree as well (didn’t even know that “subscribers corner” forum existed)

I would will re-iterate (again) that I think the current forum system should be scrapped and replaced with a standard off-the-shelf forum system.

Hi Edward,

While I am a system vendor (TradeMax) and not a subscriber, I have been auto-trading (with real money) on and off over the last couple of years as part of the development and testing of our system (trades are computer generated). I thought I would share some of the hard earned experience that I have gleaned over the last couple of years about actual returns and fills, since it seems the information is a bit scarce.

Slippage: our system uses market orders, and we see an average of about 2 cents slippage each way (4 cents total for a trade) on US equities (we do not trade anything else). Note that this does vary depending on the stock (for some a larger spread is normal). Note that we use a custom written in house auto-execution platform that is linked to the analysis software, and not TradeBullet, although I honestly think the fills would not be any different.

Realism: we initially added C2 API integration and set up an account with C2 because we thought it would be relatively little (additional) effort from what we were already doing. Posting trades from a very quick day trading system (that works) did not ‘work’ on C2. Initially there were many issues with the API working correctly, as well as the fact that because we were executing trades automatically, our fills were much better than what C2 would fill the trade at. At the end of August we took that system offline and put a variation of the same system back on line on Nov 28th (longer term: 2 - 5 days). The fills we get with this ‘longer term’ system match very closely with what C2 fills at (if anything, C2s fills are a little worse than what we get - which is good since this is on the more conservative side).

Returns: while I do not have cohesive figures for returns across different systems, real life returns on the current system in place from Nov 28th until today are a starting account balance of $31,095.49 USD (Nov. 28th) to $32,406.85 USD (as of today) with about 135 trades or so across that period. In the next few days I will post the actual fills we received in a spreadsheet, once we get our statements, so those who are interested can compare them with what C2 filled the trades at.