QuantStat Futures changes and FREE holiday coupon

Hi all,

As many of you know, there have been several changes to my accounts including new accounts added. There’s been a lot of questions about the changes and the pricing. One of the main changes is I have moved over my accounts. This has to do with the type of account I had when I initially opened at C2. The names are the same. My username is “QuantStat” and the systems are managed by “QuantStatFutures2”. At this point I have moved over directEDGE, QuantStat Futures, and TT Sniper. All the changes in the code are fully implemented. Testing is done and implemented into the algos.

The analysis is done by hand by an analyst after the close. At that point the data is fed into an algo. This trades on X_Trader’s ADL and stored on servers in Chicago. So it’s an automated process for the most part with the exception of the analysis. But where to enter/exit and stops are all automated.

As of my last update on the forums, the systems were doing great. I posted that Friday 11/17/2017.
Current November Profits: $9,006
directEDGE: $1,180
exit Logic: $335
QuantStat2 Futures: $1,142
TT Sniper: $6,349

directEDGE and TT Sniper for the most part will trade during the day but do have the ability to hold trades overnight. Generally the average size is 5 contracts. They also have the ability to trade various futures products. Generally they’ll be in 1 to 3 positions at a time. They seem the same but do have changes in the algo for entry/exit.

QuantStat Futures will have the same rules with one major change. It will now be able to trade more than one trade a day. This was a request by several people. At any point this will hold a maximum of 5 contracts. This will never hold overnight. So every rule is exactly the same except the maximum one rule per day rule. From testing, that was the one thing that would of vastly improved results.

I see this as a way to start 2018 on a good note. I don’t want to deal with the billing. I’m not interested in adding additional accounts. I want to get all this set up now and just focus on trading. If you want to try these systems here’s your chance. It’s free.

Happy Thanksgiving. Ronnie

In addition, I have included a coupon code for a FREE month to all three strategies. This coupon expires Monday morning 11/27/2017 @ 9:30 EST.

directEDGE (114997831): coupon code: UGVX44378
QuantStat Futures (114997834): coupon code: UGMA28934
TT Sniper (114997844): coupon code: UGNP99334

I would like to help you with the update for this week (last for that old systems):
-6,600$ from 11/17 to 11/23, total November profits +2,400$.

I am sure that you want to be honest with your potential subs.

My last update on the forum is when I stopped managing those strategies. They went private. I put positions on AFTER they went private in all of the old systems and plan on leaving them until they expire. But all this happened after I shut down. Just a little test to see what happens. They still currently have positions. They might end up 50k by the time they expire I don’t know.

My normal strategy isn’t to set and forget. That’s what I’m trying out with the old systems. The important thing to remember here is I’m trying this in private with no subscribers.

In addition, all those positions were up. Some $2200 and others $1800. I could of taken them off at that point. I didn’t because all the systems were private at that point and the process to move over had already been decided.

So the last time I stopped actively managing the old accounts I was up $9000 for November.

Either way if people want to try for free they’re welcome and if they don’t that’s fine also.

Trading will start this Monday 11/27/2017. Here are the FREE month coupon codes.

Coupons expire Monday morning 11/27/2017 @ 9:30 EST.

directEDGE (114997831): coupon code: UGVX44378
QuantStat Futures (114997834): coupon code: UGMA28934
TT Sniper (114997844): coupon code: UGNP99334

I think you guys are going to like what you see with these changes as far as results and risk management.

So where are we at with these systems? Not very good changes if you ask me…lol

TT sniper equity down over 40k…I guess the end result is getting close after a furious start.

Current results tell me that “these changes” happened recently is a simple curve-fitting or over-optimization. Unfortunately.

When I started on C2 things were going fine. Good results and low drawdowns. Then things got complicated as I added additional systems. I had good intentions when I recently started fresh but clearly I have too much on my plate with all these systems. A lot of people gave me advice on possible solutions. As a result, I am going to implement a lot of the good advice. I will focus on QuantStat Futures only and close down the other systems. That was advice from a sub. Another good piece of advice was to have stops on. From now on every trade will have a stop attached. Another good idea was to take more than one trade per day if needed. I will stick with the 5 contracts rule. I won’t take a 5 contract long and add 5 additional contracts to be 10 long. At any given point I will only be in 5 contracts maximum. I will also stick with the rule to not hold overnight. Please see below for a summary. Going back to basics and what originally worked is what’s needed.

-only trade ES
-5 contracts max
-stops attached on every trade
-more than one trade per day allowed

  • no overnight trades

I know this is going to be an inconvenience. I need to downgrade my C2 account to the basic plan that only allows 1 strategy. Please find the new strategy posted below with a coupon code. The strategy has a new account number so it’s a completely different strategy. Same name just a new account number. Thank you for understanding. I believe this is best for all of us.

Coupon code: UGIB22552 (expires 1/01/2018 midnight)
QuantStat Futures (115345945)

So you are still learning how to trade your unproven system and yet you want investors to give you money?
Just execute and do well. No marketing required on the forums if you REALLY know what you are doing.

To investors - people that come on the forum talking about their strategy alot typically are looking for the quick buck. Good luck!


I agree…a coupon is not enough and the starting fee should be lower for systems that are not proven to be winning systems or TOS systems.

But oh well…to each his own!

sometime i really wish every strategy on c2 is TOS or atleast 50% tos. all he is gonna do is reset the strategy or go create Quantstatfutures3. this is the issue with non tos strategy, keep swinging and keep resetting until you get a good start to bring in subs. then reset again if it crashes 6 months later.

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You are not the only one capable of seeing what some people do in an attempt to get subscribers and we can all see the track records and chose for ourselves . QuantStatFutures2 is obviously a newbie, or at least has chosen to wear the hat of a newbie. And now he is going to be a better trader because people have told him how to be, funny.

Just 7 days this time? Or I missed something?

He got lucky in his earlier trades but now the tide has turned. Eventually he will get lucky again! lol…

It would be extremely hard to be able to have a high win/loss ratio. But after giving out a free coupon and then going private really gives him no credibility at all.

sorry coupon not available to trolls. only real customers.

How is your system doing now? I see it had a drawdown of over 11% in only a few days. I would love to subscribe if your system actually made money! No credibility!