QuantStat Futures systems

Thanks for your patience. Testing is done and was successful and the necessary adjustments have been made. We’ll be up and running shortly. Any system I have has been set to FREE for now. Ronnie

how is anyone still subb’d to your strategies? someone who comes in here with hopes and dreams, it’s like people literally want to be lied to!

These systems are FREE for November to subscribe to

directEDGE (114060944)
exit Logic (114097192)
QuantStat2 Futures (112733962)
TT Sniper (113611851)

Here’s a summary for the week. Total profits for the week across all 4 strategies is $5,493 (see breakdown below). Today I had pending orders for TT Sniper to buy ES 2 @ 2571.25 and 3 @ 2570.50. Market bottomed out at 2573.50 and we missed the fill. These strategies do have different criteria for entry and exit. I’ve already had a few people ask about that. Please keep in mind that all 4 strategies are still FREE to subscribe to. I have several people that are subscribed to all 4 but do have a fair number that are only subscribed to one or two only. If you guys have any questions send me a private msg. Have a good weekend. Ronnie

directEDGE: $790
exit Logic: $335
QuantStat2 Futures: $710
TT Sniper: $3,658

Here are the results for this week. Total profits across all systems $2,159. All 4 systems are still FREE to subscribe to. Have a good weekend. Ronnie

Total profit: $2,159
Exit Logic:
QuantStat2 Futures: $835
TT Sniper: $1,324

It is not about the subscription price, it is about losing money trading. And it is not about how other systems are doing, it is about the odds of losing money with this system. If the trades between Aug. 14-25 were removed, the system has done nothing.to convince anyone to subscribe.

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Do you have a special calendar in your place and December is already started?
I’ve seen the prices on the systems which are

already set.

Glad you caught that JITF. Developers are so greedy now. Let them prove themselves first!

I was actually wanted to give it a try later in November. But now I can’t trust this guy, unfortunately. If he make trades like this, then it is not reliable.

Qantstatfutures is not that bad as I have chatting with him personally and he offers very good support and replies back to subscribers. He does sound like he has a good setup/system. But my opinion is to wait and give the system time to prove itself.

I’ll address a few different things here. I’ll start with the comment “I was actually wanted to give it a try later in November. But now I can’t trust this guy, unfortunately. If he make trades like this, then it is not reliable”. When? These 4 systems have been free since October. Next week is Thanksgiving so it’s a very slow week in the market and basically the end of November. Please don’t make comments like that it takes away from your credibility. If you truly wanted to try the systems for free you certainly could have and didn’t even need to autotrade so there was no risk at all.

I sent a letter this week to all subs informing them there will be a price change from free to fee. When you do that they have 7 days to decide. And even after their 7 days they only get charged the new amount on their next billing cycle not exactly 7 days from when I changed it. Most people had their next billing in mid December. I had one investor in particular. This individual for TT Sniper had $467,100 committed to my strategy. I could tell because when he got unsubscribed I noticed the difference in my AUM. He was also subscribed to my other 3 strategies as well with equivalent amounts for those strategies. Now this individual started trading right at the start of November. He signed up I believe the evening of Halloween so his first trade was November 1st. In November alone I made over $8,500 across my 4 strategies and I stated that in the letter. As soon as this letter went out, he immediately set his accounts to cancel on his next billing date.

Now I get that there are certainly people like this especially if you give things away for free. I made a decision that I’m looking for investors where we have a mutually beneficial arrangement. I need to be paid for my work and the investor needs to see a return. I don’t think that is unreasonable. So I made the decision that the free trial is over. Clearly this guy I referred to has money. He also made $8,500 in two weeks yet it was too much to ask for him to pay me a few hundred. That’s not the kind of investor I’m looking to attract.

I had a drawdown in October. It was $4220 over 3 days. Bad but not as bad as that guy that lost over $12,000 yesterday alone. I stepped away and fixed the issue. I decided to work for free as I saw that as doing the right thing. I could have simply shut down and came back with a new name. I stuck it through. I’m also not “gambling” like other systems jumping in as much as 25 contracts and jumping out 40 seconds later.

I thank those that continue to support me. If you have any questions please send me a private message I’ll get back to you right away. I look forward to working with you. Ronnie

This was said -

November is still not over, it will be around 7 trading days more, but systems are already requires money for subscription. Please don’t make promises which you can’t support, it takes away from your credibility.

Here are the results for this week and November to date. This week across the 4 strategies there was a total profit of $5,188. For November to date the profit is $9,006. Have a good weekend and a happy Thanksgiving. Ronnie

This week 11/12 to 11/17 Total profits: $5,188
directEDGE: $1,180
exit Logic:
QuantStat2 Futures: (403)
TT Sniper: $4,411

Current November Profits: $9,006
directEDGE: $1,180
exit Logic: $335
QuantStat2 Futures: $1,142
TT Sniper: $6,349