Questions on Trades-Own-System & One-System-Site

Trades-Own-System: will I have to pay the $65 monthly Gen3 platform fee?? Pretty ridiculous if I have to pay a $780 annual administration fee for a system that I administer.

One-System-Site: C2 FAQ’s say: “Click the blue Admin button above the performance graph.” No Admin button found. What do I do?

Yes. Whether or not you are the system developer, if you use the AutoTrading software, we request that you pay the software license fee.

How about the "one system site"?

C2 FAQs say, "click blue admin button above the performance graph."

There is no blue admin button.

What do I do to activate the "one system site" described in the C2 FAQs?

Problem solved: the "blue admin button" shows up when I click CLASSIC VIEW.

Thanks for pointing that out. There are still a few elements on the "old (“Classic”) page view that I need to migrate to the new page view before we permanently retire the old view. I’ll try to do that soon.

I don’t see the button for the “One Site System” anymore. Is it still available? Thanks!