Questions on using autotrade api

  1. When acknowledging a signal or cancellation, should I wait "pollinterval: milliseconds bewteen acknowledgements?

    2. When acknowledging signals (using cmd=confirmsig), the first 2 signals work fine, all the other attempts at confirming the rest of the signals result in an http timeout. I do this in a tight loop (c#) with timeout set at 7 seconds. Any suggestions?

Let me answer your question #1, then ask for clarification on question #2.

#1) When doing any sort of acknowledging in the C2ATI (AutoTrading API), then you do not need to respect the pollinterval. The pollinterval should only be used between polling for new signals (i.e. it is the length of time between cmd=latestsigs requests). All other activity can happen at your program’s convenience; that is, you can feel free to acknowledge things right away.

#2) Can you post or send me via email a log of the transcript between server and client? If you have any password info in the log, please be sure to clean it before posting here.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

Of course, this morning, it works fine. I’ll run with fiddler for a few days and let you know if I have any problems.