Signals in ITM but not provided via C2ATI


I see new signals generated via ITM Message Window e.g. PosID=R20071029, but don’t see such signals in response from C2ATI is:

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8” standalone=“no” ?>

- <collective2>


- <error>



- <data>

- <recentc2fills>


<cancelsiglist />

<fillinforeceived />

<completetrades />



<humantime>2007-10-30 08:35:40</humantime>



Could you please fix that?



Give me a hint which system you’re talking about and which signal id you are expecting to see.

Keep in mind you won’t see signals if:

1) You are not subscribed.

2) You did not select that system in your AutoTrade setup page.

3) It is a closing signal and you never received the opening signal.


systemid=23969581 , signalid=28834474

Today same problem.


Which autotrade client software are you using?


Algimantas is using my implementation. As wee agreed there should be “AlgoTrade” client selection available, but I don’t see such option now.

Last time it was invoked with parameters:



Actual result:

With empty list of signals.

Before there were errors in C2 response during XML parse:

SAXParseException: The element type “pollinterval” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “</pollinterval>”.

Let me know when AlgoTrade will be available. I am supporting Algimantas now.



I haven’t turned on the ALGO client server yet. I will email and post when done (later this morning).

It would be very kind from you.

I am looking forward in getting new from you.

Thanks again,


I cannot find algotrade in the setup. Is it not supported?