Trade Results

Matthew -

Just to clarify, where "Closed Trade" results are shown, are those results the average of auto-trader results, when available? I thought that is the way it was, but looking at some systems, I see that sometimes the fill price reported by C2, and the average auto-trader fill price, are different.

I can give examples if you wish.


On the "regular" hypothetical results pages, Collective2 automatically displays the volume-weighted average fill price achieved in real Gen3 AutoTrade brokerage accounts.

On the "AutoTrade Results" screen, we show all results from all AutoTrade client software, including Gen1 technology. This can be the reason some results do not match: there are times when Gen1 slippage can be greater. Of course, in unusual cases, the same can happen in reverse.

But in general, you should know that, when you look at the Collective2 hypothetical fills, they are based on the average real-life price received in live, funded AutoTrade accounts that use Gen3-technology brokers. (Of course I must point out that these results must still be considered hypothetical, because no single account achieved the results shown.)

Thanks for clarifying. That is good info for potential subscribers of all systems, especially ones that rely on tiny scalping type profits.