TOS C2 system vs real results

My real account on IB does great results.
all last months positive and 2 digits returns.
this month (jan-2018) 24.29% gains

my “amazing options” systems - TOS system is total waste of time and money.
the results are far worse - this month 4.8% only
yes 24.29 vs 4.8 !!!

no its not big susbsciption cost
its only wrong option cost - sometimes 4-5$ per size and 8-20 per 1 options (2 sizes) vs 1-1.5$ in real life.
i am not new here but is seen c2 failed in this situation.

i also notices that typical broker commission is diffenent when you check same broker in different system.

feel lost here
i make 25% in month in real life vs fake systems here and nobody know this

You should troubleshoot each trade and send to C2. Get the trade entry price and exit price and compare to the C2 trades. This will determine if its the prices that are incorrect or if its the commissions that are incorrect.

C2 will only investigate each trade broken down.

Another suggestion is to use a different platform at C2 such as the quickentry platform.

Hope this helps.

It may be that an option heavy strategy like yours may not be well suited for the C2 environment. I had some trade issues on C2 at one time, and from some very thorough responses from Matthew, I learned that they have certain regulatory rules they need to abide by in order to be displaying what is really simulation results. There are also some possible data feed issues, especially with options. In my personal account, I trade mostly options that I would never DREAM of bringing into the C2 environment because it would be too much work on my part and I find that many people here are not up to speed on understanding options. Also, as I’m sure you know, to make good option trades, you almost always have to be at a screen, something you can’t do on C2. I certainly don’t doubt your results - you appear to be a skilled trader. Just wondering, as much as I like C2, if an option strategy can work here. I may be wrong.


You seem to have two main complaints:

  1. You claim that the commissions rate that C2 imposes on trades varies by strategy. I.E. Your strategy has one commission rate (unfavorable) but another strategy on C2 has a different commission rate. I do not believe this is true. If you can show me a specific instance of this which exists today (not a screen shot from the past), then please bring it to my attention at the help desk:^^

  2. You seem to indicate that your trading is profitable in real-life, but Collective2’s tracking of your strategy is vastly wrong (and not profitable). My observation is that, while it’s good to have profitable trading personally, what Collective2 reports is how subscribers would fare if they followed your strategy.

Now, here’s the thing. When you get real-life subscribers, C2 will use your subscribers’ actual broker fills which occur in live accounts as a basis for our public reporting of your results. Until you have subscribers (you do not, yet) we try our best to estimate the hypothetical results subscribers would achieve.

Are our estimates always correct? Of course not. So: if you think there is a specific trade where our estimates are just completely wrong, then, by all means, let us know, and we will investigate and fix. So far, though, you haven’t pointed to a specific actionable instance of an incorrect trade. I’m not saying that they don’t exist. What I am saying is that if you have a complaint, please be specific about it. Which trade, specifically, do you think is incorrect in your C2 track record, and why?

I promise to keep an open mind and look at whatever specific problem you point out. But it does have to a specific issue. Just saying generally that your trading is amazing, but that C2 hasn’t adequately captured that amazing-ness doesn’t tell me where to look, or what to adjust. Tell me exactly what you think is wrong and I’ll give it look. The appropriate way to do that is to send an email to with the specific data you want me to look at.


^^ One footnote: I’m not sure if this helps or not, but I do want to report that when you originally raised this issue at the help desk, you complained that C2 was using commission rates for options trading that were too high. I looked at Interactive Brokers’ options commissions and found that, indeed, IB was charging much lower rates than C2 estimated in its “default commission rate” profile. So I changed C2’s “Typical Commissions” for options to more closely match Interactive Broker’s rate ($0.70 per lot, $1 minimum). This may be the source of your contention that the commissions rate C2 applies is different for various strategies: perhaps you looked at a strategy before I changed the rate, and then looked at another strategy after the change.


Hi Matthew,

I think that if you change something that materially effects published trade results (and looks like you agree with the OP that this change could), then you should change it retroactively for all published results.

Otherwise (as you yourself point out) users would compare apples to oranges.



Hi Matt, if you are updating IB commission rate. is that going forward only ?or all strategy will get recalculated based on the new trade price ?

We’re all in agreement. The change in estimated commission-rate for options trading was indeed applied retroactively to all data and was applied equally to all strategies. If you see an instance where you think that isn’t the case, please bring it to my attention:

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