Relative limits/stops need to support percentages

I am trying to use relative stops/limits when placing orders like the following:

O + 10%

O + 12%

The issue I am seeing is that it is ignoring the % sign and instead is doing O + $10 , O + $12

Would it be possible to support the % sign when entering relative orders as I am sure that many of us place stops based on percentages instead of dollar amounts. This would be a great improvement and shouldn’t be too difficult to develop.

Thank you!


It’s a good suggestion. It’s not currently available, but I’ll try to add it in the next revision of that part of the API.

Thank you. It would be much appreciated and save a lot of headaches when I am entering and updating trades.

It’s been a while. Is there any update on this? I know it would help a lot for those of us that want a 5% limit/stop order placed based upon the exact entry price which we can’t predict ahead of time.