Relaxed Trading system update


Relaxed trading has been operating for nearly three months now, the returns have been virtuous and the risk of a 10% account loss as stated by C2 is only at 2%.

As well as being extremely transparent, Relaxed Trading offers a healthy blend between risk and reward which is suitable to many investors and traders alike.

Come along and enjoy.

hello i dont know anything about trading someone introduced me that i can mirrow tradings and i dont need a strategy

Hey Chidex,

I would suggest you do some sort of research on markets first. Understand the differences and risks associated with each product such as futures, forex stocks and more before jumping into it, also email c2 help desk they could assist you. You could also open up a simulated brokerage account, plenty offer free trials like Ninjatrader, interactive brokers etc.

All the best.

How is it going Chidex?