Simplicity Trading strategy

Any thoughts - Been subscriber for 6 months, but strategy seems stalled in spite of ample dip-buying opportunities.
Maybe it is just not fit for the kind of market we are experiencing now.

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My 2 cents:

-Looks “martingaley”. Keeps adding to losing trades.

-First couple trades were huge % for size of portfolio. I see alot of this on C2. Creators will bet the house on an early trade - if it goes against them they just open a new system, if it doesn’t they don’t bet nearly as much going forward as % of portfolio (so as not to damage track record). How many +35% months do you see in the future?

-This comment in description: "At these levels drawdown can be expected in the range of 5-15% in normal trading scenarios, in extreme cases we have seen short term drawdown of up to 30% in backtesting"
That is a major red flag. Anyone knows that future drawdowns will ALWAYS be higher than backtested drawdowns. I expect this system to blow up in any kind of meaningful pullback.

Well done to the developer though. Took advantage of quiet, up-trending markets and probably made himself and his (early) subscribers some money. I wouldn’t touch it. There are better ones on C2. Good luck.


2017 was a tough year for dip-buying strategies. There just weren’t that many dips to buy. Pretty much every dip-buying strategy I watch underperformed its average last year.


I wish I could have afforded to keep this strategy. I.B. margin requirements are OUTRAGEOUS. Developer has a very impressive backtest history with low DD. He will send you the stats if you ask. It’s nice to have a dip-buying strategy in your portfolio. Dips will be back. Not sure when though.

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add more funds so he can buy more contracts ? NO THANKS.

Tried to warn you people 3 weeks ago…

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This strategy is currently on a -30.7% DD, so you did call it. And the Feb. DD alone is -25.9%.

Can anyone conform how many open ES contracts now with capital $40K and also, just wondering how this current capital can handle overnight requirement at IB. Thanks

My subscription ended Feb 1. and the futures position was automatically closed with a large profit.
Rather happy that I did not continue, as I was scaled at 300%

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I’m glad that I bailed in early December. This is turning out to be disastrous for such a solid system. Additionally, how is this showing a profit for January. From my understanding, there were no profitable trades in January as it should be in the negative. Did the Joseph request collective2 to hide the poor trades for Jan and Feb? Normally, you’d see all the trades after they completed, but not now. I don’t think that he can justify asking $199 a month to lose a substantial amount of money over the past several months.

Just my thoughts. What do I know?

A strategy to avoid at all costs. I did not bail and suffered greatly. Trader does not respond emails now, the usual thing… Avoid all strategies where developers do not respond, sooner or later you will pay a price, hard lesson for me!

Once again, you called it weeks ago.

The really sad this is this clown was raking in anywhere from $10,000-$16,000 a month in subscriber fees, based on the number of actual account trades I see.

No TOS, no risk control.

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It all depends how you manage the trade. In cases were the system enters with multiple contracts I limit the max number of contracts to one or two and then add or reduce manually as the trade develops. I got out with a relatively small loss but still sit on a pile of profits from the previous trades since I am an early subscriber and am still continuing and waiting for the next signal, of course, one has to be able to monitor the situation.

The same tactic saved me a lot of money with 4QTiming FutNQ, the guy entered long with 12 NQ @ 6583 at the closing, almost immediately the price dropped sharply, while I am typing the price is 6525 - a huge loss. But overall I still have a very nice profit from this system.

I think you mean 6538 - it’s now 6544

Nope, he entered long NQ at 6583, just go to the system page and look at the chart by moving the slider on the below chart almost all the way to the right so you can see todays action with the big drop. You can also check it from the NQ chart at at today’s closing. Any subscriber who is reading this can also confirm it.

Okay I see the drop - but was looking at the NASDAQ E-mini futures chart on MarketWatch for the after market, and it never touched that high.

Look if you are happy, than by all means stay in the system, but the dude just had nearly a 60% drawdown. To me, that is not a very robust system if you plan for 30% drawdown at worst and then double it.


what happen to this ? March 3rd graph shows -97k balance.

I’m sure its fine. Definitely a winner. :rofl:

What a joke.