Request: Annoying behavior of filter notification

One of the most annoying things is the behavior of the automatic filter loading notification on “the Grid” page. As soon as we enter a value into the filter box (located at the top of each column) the script adds a line notifying us that it is loading the filter results. At this point we have to wait a few seconds for the notification to go away. If we don’t wait and continue typing a value in another filter box, the loading notification will go away, the grid will shift up one line and the page will automatically redirect me to the trading system under the cursor (the page thinks that I was clicking on that system instead of typing in to the filter box). Then I have to wait for the trading system to fully load until I can navigate back to the grid. This is very annoying behavior. Can you please get rid of the “loading…” notification line or simply display the notification somewhere else on the page. It would be better if we could enter all filter values and then press the button to activate the filter.