Retrieving P/L information

Is there, or might there someday be, a way to use the ATI to retrieve not only position size but also current profit/loss (or alternatively the opening price).


Do you really want this functionality in the AutoTrading Interface (ATI)? Or do you mean the order-placement API (which is where I personally believe it belongs)?

Keep in mind the difference:

ATI - Tells software (such as TradeBullet, TradeBolt, etc.) which trades to place in a real-life brokerage account, based on a customer’s individual “Trading Permissions” (set on C2) and based on the actual fills the customer has received within his brokerage account (which may be different than the best-case fills reported in the C2 Hypothetical Account for the trading system in question).

Trade Placement API - Lets a trading-system vendor automate entry of a trading system’s trade signal recommendations. A trading system vendor can use the Trade Placement API, for example, to tell C2 what his trading signals are (which will then be broadcast to subscribers via email, messenger, cellphone… or even via the ATI).


Well, I guess I was thinking ATI. I have software that contacts different brokers to retreive the client’s current positions and their current profit/loss. I treat C2 as a broker in this sense. Right now I can use the ATI (cmd=requestsystemsync) to get the position size, but cannot calcuate P/L. Seems like it would be convenient and easy to include the open price and current price (or alternatively P/L directly) in the systemsync return.