Reverse order filled price

I have a question about reversal order.

When I send reversal order to server, I just got following messages.



<comment>Reversal processed successfully.</comment>


How can i get reverse order information like as signal id and fill price?

I really need to get the signal id and filled price.

Please help me out.


I’d also like to know the answer to that question, did you manage to find this out?

Hi, Simon and Rene:

Well, there were previously nodes in the XML response for reversals that looked like this:



The theory was that you could use the signal IDs to look up the price of the fills through a separate API call. But that is rather silly, since the price is known at the time the response is sent, and so I have added two new XML nodes to the response:



where price 1 and 2 are the fill prices received for the closing and opening portions of the reversal order, in sequence. In almost all foreseeable cases, the prices should be the same.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Matthew, that’s great.

Well appreciated.