Reversing a Position Using Tradestation

It appears very tricky to reverse an open position using Tradestation interface.

For example, in a futures market, if TS generates a sell short order for 2 contracts when there is a long position of 1 contract, what happens on TS is it first generates sell to close order for the 1 contract that is open, and then generates a sell to open order for 2 contracts. So the net resulting position will be a short position of 2 contracts.

However, when these two separate orders, generated by one command on TS program, are interfaced to C2, for some reason, sell to open order for 2 contracts is generated first on C2, followed by sell to close order for 1 contract. So the sequence of the orders is backwards.

Even so, this backward sequence of the orders still seem to reverse the open position properly and results in two short contracts when there is no subscriber. However, whenever there is a subscriber involved, the sell to open order for 2 contracts, since there is an open long position, somehow becomes sell to close order, and the following sell-to-close order either gets canceled (because there is no more assets to close) or sometimes generates additional short contract.

The only way to solve this problem is for C2 to generate the close order first followed by the open order. How can I ensure this is happening?

I see that the post is pretty old. However, after almost 1 year, I notice the same behavior of C2 regarding reverse position.

Is it possible to fix it? If yes, as I hope, how?

If you noticed this behavior, please report the case to Please be as specific as you can be. Include the date / time / time zone / specific order / system id. Explain specifically what your TradeStation attempted to do, and tell us how C2 interpreted your TradeStation’s order. Someone will take a look. Thanks. - MK