I could not find anywhere information that tells what a developers commission rate is or even a percentage range. Let’s say you charged $100 a month for your system, and one of the subscribers worked with a broker with the highest possible commission rate, subtract that and your percentage, what would be the approximate amount earned by the developer. You can email me the answer if you don’t want it public. I would like to know if this is worth my time.

I don’t understand your question. I assume you are thinking about creating a trading system here on C2. What kind of system? Forex? Other?

Depending on your answer, I will know how to best reply.


The system vendor charges a flat monthly fee in your example. What percentage are you referring to?


I guess I haven’t been very clear. I have some ideas for trading FXCM and want to be a developer on your site. That’s why I was asking about which software would be best to use for back testing my ideas. Then I just wanted a rough estimate of what developers make percentage wise.

I probably heard incorrectly about brokerage fees. Somewhere I heard they were a percentage. But if they’re a flat rate then please use that in the calculation.

Backtesting (software) has nothing to do with C2. This site is about real-world trading, where the vendor cannot fudge the trade results, like most web vendors try