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this are typical analyst statement. If KarlA decided to liquidate his position based on it, it is solely his skills and not the analyst’s. I can also see he joined back on a strategy for YM when it almost reached the previous peak around november 7- presumably anticipating the analysts 2880 call.

What I dont understand is why someone like KarlA needs to subscribe to systems if he decides by himself when to sit out and in. Results he get is only because of his own reasonings and not on the skills of system creator. I am intrigued.

If market is today at 2750, a typical analyst statement is

“if market goes up and stays above 2780, we might see 2900 soon
if market drops below 2720 and stays below 2720, we are going to retest 2600”

do you really need a analyst to make that statement ?:smiley:

no analyst will say anything concrete - they will always say both sides and of course they will be right one way or other :smiley:
sorry for hijacking this thread. that will be my last comment here!


“if market goes up and stays above 2780, we might see 2900 soon
if market drops below 2720 and stays below 2720, we are going to retest 2600”

I totally agree that analysts always make two sided comments and make it sound to the inexperienced that it makes them look like gurus.

If they could make money from those comments they would be enjoying life on a yacht instead…lol


I hope you realize by now that your statement never made any sense, apparently you never looked at the Trade History of SDPivot.

By the way, I do not feel bad by pointing out new promising systems, on the contrary, I feel I am doing a service to the community as opposed to those who constantly are bad mouthing new systems. I do not promote them, I don’t have any incentive doing that, and as I stated in another thread, one has to monitor closely any system on is subscribed to because even the best systems can all of a sudden stop working.


Just to make sure we are returning to the subject matter of this thread which was about SDPivot.

I see you subscribed to the system, and why would not anyone subscribe to a new system which is free, if for no other reason to be able to follow it in real time, even if one does not auto trade it. However, I do hope you are one of the two new auto traders who follow it at 500% scaling and really raked in the money in the last couple of days.


so you were serious! i stand by what i said. A system that made 180% with 40% drawdown in 4 months making sharp spikes down will not last. i did look at the trades. But honestly I dont even have to look at any detail. A mere look at the equity curve says it all.


Well, it is one of the two systems you follow and it certainly did better so far than the other one.

BTW, I think you should take a close look “at such details” as the Trade History before passing judgment on a system.


btw i was not saying anything at first about the system when i made the first comment here - just that your comment was hilarious - “Look at this amazing one day recovery from a large draw down - he truly demonstrated masterful short term trading” :smile: Sorry, but i still find it hilarious!

i sincerely hope the system does good for the sake of subscribers


The only reason you find it hilarious is because you never looked at the Trade Record. Go back and examine it more closely and you will agree with me.


what is your opinion on strategies that keep buying lower and lower until the trend reverse? I did look at his trades and losing trades. he keep buying lower until it rebound back to break even then he close half of the position and buy back lower if it turns lower.

Remind me a lot of Strategy for YM, worked well until the trend went against him for too long or went out of margin to keep buying lower.


I do prefer to think of it as maximizing leverage, I try not to over leverage, stops are always deployed when it’s overleveraged.

Thank you Karla and others for giving it a try. As many probably noticed that it’s mainly mean reversion. But there are a few edges I have that I believe that sets it apart.

  1. location - most of the entries are there because it’s relevant and not random. Which helps when i’m wrong cause I know it will likely to return to it or close to it. This is important as I like to exit on retraces rather than stop outs.

  2. Diversification - both in strategy and markets. There are various strategy I deploy depending on what I perceive as the market condition. It range from scalping, hedging, continuation, reversal, trap plays etc. This gives me various types of tools for working out of a bad position.

This allowed the system to survive a few crashes and the extreme events in the energy markets.

As always, no single system is fool proof, always complement it with others. Since this is mainly a mean reversion system, a trend following system would be beneficial to add to the portfolio in order to balance out the Profit/Drawdown a bit better.

Although I haven’t been on the investor side but I hear investor can over allocate so that if 180/40 is too much then perhaps deploy 4x the capital and make it 45/10. If i’m wrong please correct me.

Anyone subbed for free can also check the entries I mark as important and trade it themselves in the mean time. They are put up days in advance.

If question, feel free to pm or ask. But let’s keep the thread on topic since it took an awkward turn in the past few posts


Ditto. We have a new max drawdown from master of short term trading


If you had checked Toni Caldaro’s blog you would have known that I have been out of this system quite a while ago. I always said that you constantly have to watch your positions, especially at this time. BTW, I still have a substantial profit balance from SDPivot.

Your posting does not contribute to anything, it is just trolling and annoying.


Of course you got out at peak. Thats a given;) But your comment on master class short term trading was way over the top for a martingale system. 3 digit winners and 4/5 digit losers will always end up like this. Lets just accept that. Meanwhile you ignored my questions on false promotion for strategy on ym twice elsewhere! Nevermind, i take it as a mistake


It does. You said its a great system. I am saying it is/was not. Proof? - The new max drawdown. I am also helping the community.


200% up to -10% down took just a few days. Averaging down is never a good trade.


Most traders cannot handle averaging down since its hard to place exit points and targets. For futures and high priced stocks it takes great skill.

I’d say the best way to average down is for etf’s and low priced stocks but at the same time never over leverage. There must be enough capital allocated to allow for entries all the way down to zero. You can’t make alot of money but at least you won’t lose alot either.


If I had ‘taken advantage’ of the free trial period I would have saved $180 over the last 2 months of the year.

My account would now be down 65% or so, but I would have saved all that money in fees so it’s cool.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get” - Buffett


Please keep in mind that I have repeatedly said on this forum that you have to watch all your strategies constantly and get out of them when there are signs that they are on the wrong track. I subscribed to SD Pivot on 10/31 and got out of it on 12/13 when Toni Caldaro reiterated his warning (See: Ominous Warning, the first warning was issued 9/22) and ended up with a profit balance over 5K. In the case of Wave Runner I got out early November and ended up with a tiny profit. In case of A Strategy for YM I got out shortly after the first warning (I occasionally still traded it with just one contract when there were prediction of a possible upward spike) and ended up with a huge profit since I traded it from the very beginning versus the people who got in late and blindly trusted it till the bitter end. That is also the reason why I think it is wrong to favor or only look at systems which are at least six month old.

It is a sad fact that even the best systems on C2 often fail or go through unbearable drawdowns so I always monitor my strategies and take actions when necessary. I still think you should subscribe to any strategy which is offered for free, you don’t have to trade it unless you really like it and are willing to get out when needed. Of course, one has to be able and willing to watch the market at least part of the day. Because of my time zone I usually don’t get to the computer until noon New York time but so far it has worked out fine.

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