Search functionality for Trading Systems

I have a suggestion for improvement of the Search feature when trying to narrow down the search for system candidates:

Currently when you click on the Stocks button to narrow down the search to include those systems that trade stocks, the search engine finds all the systems that trade stocks, even if they also trade futures, or options, or forex. I don’t think this is helpful since those traders who are looking to trade stocks probably are not interested in trading futures etc.

Why not have the stock button search for those systems that trade stocks exclusively, and have another search button added to search for systems that trade ‘multiple instruments’, just like the button you currently have on the edit system page?

Are there too many systems out there that trade multiple instruments to do this?

I believe search depends on how people designate their system. There are no C2 restrictions otherwise.

So someone who trades ETFs (DIAmonds, eg) might want to capture both the stock and the futures traders who are interested in the Dow index.

Unfortunately, some of the terms are slippery. Many "futures" advisors here only trade stock indices. So their system is mainly interested in short term movements of the stock market. Some of those trading ETFs might focus on commodities-related industry ETFs (metals "XAU" or energies). I would imagine someone who trades the Pound/Dollar forex pair would find that trading the Pound futures contract would yield semi-equivalent results…

What it searches on really depends on the mechanism of how the system advisor designates the system. And advisors are more interested in having it appear under several categories, as this gets them more exposure.