Searching for a strategy in General, bond strategy in particular

How can I search strategies for keywords and/or asset classes?

I would like to add a bond strategy to my portfolio and have been unable to find one. The search button seems to search strategy names as well as equities. So when I type in “bond” it returns a list of bond etfs.

Well, generally you can just type whatever crap you like into the global search bar at the top of Collective2.

Like this:


You can’t really do that with “bonds” as a separate asset class, because we don’t support bonds as a distinct asset class. (We support stocks, futures, options, forex.)


If you are looking for futures trading strategies that happen to trade bonds futures contracts, you can type the symbol for US TBonds (@US). Like this:

How cool is that.

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As C2 is really for those looking for trading strategies with outsized returns, I wouldn’t expect safer bond strategies to be here.

Yes outsized returns is why I am here as well, but, I do like to have a full quiver, and a little ballast like a bond strategy, can keep even the best “seeking alpha” strategies from capsizing.