FXCM trade station problem


Further to my recent debacle in trying to auto trade my system "seat of pants !" through FXCM, i had the problem that I downloaded their demo trading station OK but it would not open on my computer so that I could not find my ID

When I chatted with FXCM they eventually asked if I used download accelerator, which I do. They wanted me to get rid of this from my computer. This I was not prepared to do.

Which broker/auto trade method should I use to get over these problems, as I would like to autotrade my own money, but want to familiarise myself with the systems first.

If eventually people wish to follow my system, then I will have done everything that is needed so that I can help them through the initial learning period.

Thank you very much



It sounds like the "debacle" you had while trying to set up autotrading was that you could not find your account number and password. I will have someone from BulldogFX contact you via email to walk you through the process. I promise it will be easier than you think.

Thank you, downloaded FXCM workstation but it would not load. Talked to them and they wanted me to remove download accelerator from my computer, I said no. Then Bulldog gave me an account number and said I would be able to look at my trades on www.myfxcm.com but could not get on this site.

Still not managed to get autotrading - is there any other broker you would recommend that does your autotrading?

I assume when the trade is placed it shows on the brokers site and on collective2 - could you confirm this please.

Sorry to be acting like an idiot on this but technicalities and myself always seem to be at odds :-))