Session timeout

Just reporting that the erroneous session timeout problem continues using protocol 8.2. I had valid C2 activity seconds before the error last night. Caused me to miss a boatload of trades. I added code to catch that exception too and restart C2. Is there a better solution?

Hi, Greg:

As far as I know, you are the only one reporting this. I see no evidence of timeouts on C2’s side. That doesn’t mean they do not exist, but it probably means that the way you are handling this in your custom software can be improved.

Can you try to decrease the length of time you wait before your connection attempt throws an error and times out? And then perhaps recover gracefully and try the connection again? (Not sure how long you are waiting for a connect.)

I have no ideas about what could be causing your software’s inability to connect. From our side, I see waiting sockets ready for connections, and I see no evidence that the server has crashed or restarted.

So let’s try to have you decrease the wait-for-connection time and then retry on a fail, and see if that helps.


Hmm. That is interesting. I would have guessed it was your side because of the differences I see between protocol 8.2 and 10. If that’s not the case, I too am at a loss for good ideas. Maybe it’s Java. Any of your developers using that? Maybe its the internet connection. I’m using Comcast High-Speed business class cable. I would also have guessed you would suggest to increase the wait time, not decrease. I’ll try to figure out how to do that. Maybe I need a hardware upgrade. The intermittent nature of the problems make it extremely difficult to diagnose.